Alexander (:




Well, the biggest strength I had in this class was creativity. I tried to think about a lot of stories to wright about but I don’t like writing too much. I can’t spell well and my grammar is bad as well. I liked the Motel life because it was a really good book, even though the ending was sad. It was cool when the author came over and talked about his books and songs with us, and the part of this class I didn’t like was the Survival story because I didn’t do the best in it. I wasn’t proud of anything that I did in this class because they didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. I would start writing and then realized I messed up on it. I would have either spell things wrong, or get things out of order. I would like to read more books that have movies to them to see the difference between them. I would like to learn more about different forms of writing, and to also improve on my vocabulary skills. I really liked this class and am glad I was in this class.