Alexander (:

Echo Effect

Echo Effect is an extramly fun ad exciting class. We work on acting, filming, and directing in that class. We also work on script writting and reading. We make many videos in Echo. We learn how to edit the films and upload them to website, like youtube. I have so much fun in that class and hope to have that as a carrer builder for me.


Art is were i can actually paint somthing or draw something and practice doing it. We get to draw and paint things and put them up to sell. We also go out and walk to places, like Mcdonald's. There is a lot of artistic people in that class.


Year book is a great class. We get to work on the yearbook for the school, and it's pritty fun. We also get to take pictures and learn how to edit them. We also work on news and things that are going on today. This class is really fun and im really glad i picked this class.

            My name is Alexander and this class is yearbook. My strengths in this class is getting good pictures and having fun with making the yearbook. My biggest weakness is not doing all of my work, because sometimes my mind isn’t focused on my work. My favorite part of this class was going around and taking pictures of everyone in there classes doing work and having fun. My least favorite part of this class was doing all of the current events, because I have to do them everyday in advisory. I would like to see more pictures and more people having fun with the work, and not be lazy about it. Things would be a lot better if people tried more in their classes. I would like to improve on the way I write on papers that I read and to be able to take better pictures, because every picture is worth a thousand words.