Alexander (:


            This is math IV and we do a higher level of Algebra. We did Matrices and systems of equations. Most of the class was just Matrices and how to solve them. My teacher’s name is Victoria Velazquez.

            My favorite part of the class was doing the warms ups. I liked those better because they were easy and kind of fun to do. My least favorite part of the class was Matrices. I didn’t like them because I have already done them last year so doing them again was boring.

            The newest thing I learned would be systems of equations. I didn’t understand how to do them until I studied it a little bit more. I would like to know more things that deal with life, like things to do about taxes and bills, anything like that. I feel like just having more time to work on our assignments is something everyone would like for next semester.

            I feel like my understanding how to graph and solve systems of equations got a lot better. The biggest thing I have to work on is doing my work and have them done on time.