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Fire burns in Rattlesnake Mountain area south of Reno

A big fire stared by Rattlesnake Mountain. The causes of the fire are still un-known but it seems like it was sagebrush that was first to catch on fire. There was no evacuations because the fire started about a half-mile away from any buildings. The flames started to lower do to the weather, which is really good. The fire is about 50 acares and 10 percent was contain eairly Wensday. Trafic has slowed down near the fire, for safty.

Word of the day=Ambivalence- simultaneous conflicting feelings toward a person or thing.


Appraise-to set a price for; decide the value of

3 arrested for big fight in down town Reno.

In the early morning of Sunday, three people were arrested because of a fight that went from a bar to the sidewalk. Reno Police Sgt. Ray Magee said this happened around 12:45 am. The three people were arrested for suspicion of obstructing and resisting arrest. When the cops got there, the group that was fighting started to fight with the officers. Most of the people that were there ran from the cops and didn't get caught.

word of the day:Bask-to warm oneself pleasantly, as in the sunlight

Vehicle strikes power pole near Reno, electricity out

A vehical crashed into a power pole and knocked out electricity in the area. The pole nearly toppled in the crash.About 2,500 people that use NV Energy will be affected by this crash. One person that was in the vehical was transported to a hospital for treatment. The crashed happened around 8:46 pm on monday.

Word of the day:Arduons-difficult to do; laborious; onerous.

Education council OKs more rigorous standards

The education council in Nevada oks the more higher standards in all schools. It is going to affect the English Language Arts and Mathimatics. The English part will not be affected too bad but we are raising the standards to graduate. The Math part tho will be raised even more, meaning more things to learn. The Education council said that students in Nevada are three grades below of what they should be at.

Word of the day: Kernal-the most central part; a grain

Real estate partners push to preserve valley’s historic homes


911 Tape Released in Mexican Pirate Attack on U.S. Couple

A man was shot in the head by Mexican Pirates on Tuesday. The man was with his wife at the time of the shooting. They were both Jet skies during the attack, when the hasban was shot, he was through off of his jet skies. She tried to grab him but she couldn't.
Word of the day: amalgamate Definition: unite; combine

11-year old boy falls of of his roof and dies.


Thunderstorms make early morning visit

Thunderstorms came and gave lots of watter that was really needed in Texas. In Lamar County, the lightning did some damage to trees but not anything major. The low in Paris on this morning was 57 degrees, but it is expected to be about 82 for the next two days.
Word of the day: contempthous-scornful; disdainful

10-18-2010 Mothers Protest Family Separation, De-Valuing of Caring Work

Word of the Day: Uncanny-inexplicable; preternaturally strange; weird

Hemp is the hidden key to legal marijuana

Hemp is another way to get the same effects as marijuana. If they illegalize that, most of the things for food wouldn't be the same. but if they keep hemp legal, and legalize marijuana, california's crops would go into a multi-billion-dollar crop indastry.

Don’t vote

Early voting is actually bad for middle or lower class people that are running to be elected for something. And it's because they don't have enuff money to keep up a campain for too long so they wait untill two weeks befor voting day. Early voting may save you time, but you might end up voting wrong due to the fact that most people don't compleatly understand who is running.
Word of the Day- Kenetic: having motion

Election Results

Harry Reid won the race for Senate against Sharron Angle 50% was Reid, and 45% was Angle. For Nevada Governar, Brian Sandival won against Rory Reid. Sandival had 53% of the vote, and Reid had 42% of the vote.

Obama Invites GOP Leaders to White House; McConnell Remains Defiant

President Obama Invited

Raiders Beat Rival team, Chiefs

The Raiders Beat one of there many rival teams, the Kasas City Chiefs. The end score was 23-20 in over time. Jenikaski gets the winning feild goal.
Word of the day: fortify- Streagthen.



 Douglas County judge sentences some to service, not jail

A Judge in Douglas county started to issuse sentences for community servic on minor offenders. They work and help out the community so that the jails population gose down, and the non-profet organazation gets workers that they would have had to pay 20$ for free. this idea is really good because it gets the people back into the community and saves lots of money, i think we should really do.
Adjunct: definition- connected or attached in a secondary or subordinate way.


About 10,600 unemployed people will stop getting uniployment from the government, and Congress isn't really doing anything to help out those people. People can get temporay jobs, but those are not sucure and wouldn't give them much money. it's hard to find jobs here in Nevada, and we have the highest unemployment in the US.
duress: definition-constraint by threat; imprisonment

Holiday shoppers came out to spend in November in the U.S.

This year during The Black Friday sales, they found out that many shopers bought a lot of things, and some of them were for themselves. Wich is somthing different then the last 2 Christmases we have had befor. This year, they said that malls and stores were packed everywere in the U.S. and one of the reasons was not just the prices, but the advertisments for it. The other reason is that America's job loss is slowing down while, payment and salery wages are rising.

The worlds smallest dog (maybe)

The dog is 6 inches long. this dog just might be the worlds smallest dog. the people in Guinness world record havn't compleatly say this dog is the smallest dog yet. they have to go see and look around first


Collage Prep, Harvard. experience collage life, earn collage credit.
this ad wasant effective because it didn't get my atention when i first saw it.

Walf Pack win!!!


Obama's memorial service.

Obama and other's have a memorial service for the victims of the Arizona mass shooting. they want everyone there that is sad or depressed, that they are not alone, they have not just one, but a whole nation behide them and help them when they need it. He is there for the families of the 19 people that were shot, 6 of those people died from that shooting.