Alexander (:

This Video was our very first video as a group. this wasnt the best one we made but it was pritty good.we did this video because our teacher told us that we had to make a video about a day in the life of something and we picked a bug.  I thought about the blupers because i thought it would be funny and i was right so we kepted it. =)
Rainshadow in The Hood was our longest video to make because we had a lot of things going on while we were making this. Its was really funny at points in the video and there was some sad moments in it. The ending was the hardest part to do because we had to get people from other groups and classes. But in all it was good and we had fun making it. This has a lot of blupers at the end of it! =)
This was my first video i was in and we messed up a lot of times but we still got it done in 2 class periods. =) We did this video because we had to make a video about the invention of something and we decited glasses would be a good one to do. In this one we had a bluper that was fun to make.